for for Nonprofits and Higher Education
Project Management and Dashboard Consulting

Who We Are

Precision Cloud™ is a database consulting and admin firm specializing in configuring standard platforms and payment processing systems. We make sure your data can be easily updated while you receive payments and donations online.

Precision Cloud is located in Staunton, Virginia and is privately held.

Our Customers

Our customers range from national non-profits to local nonprofits run by volunteers. Platforms that we support include Google Apps, Salesforce, and DonorTools.

Our customers in the nonprofit and higher education communities want to focus on outcomes without spending too much time organizing and updating the underlying data. This is our focus.

Our Value Proposition

Fast, High Quality Service that Saves You Time and Money

As a nonprofit, you are faced with how to do more with less, faster, and at a lower overall cost. In addition, you need to make the case that the work you do makes a significant and measurable impact in your community - and any claims you make need to be substantiated with reliable data. How do you do all of this?

Precision Cloud™ can help. We provide a choice of low-cost platforms, each with indicators tailored to support your desired outcomes. 

What We Do

Precision Cloud offers complete Google Apps, DonorTools, and implementations, including:

- metrics-driven requirements analysis;
- database customization, form and template building, and web page creation;
- user training;
- on-going consulting services; and,
- program development.