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Precision Cloud Video

Ever wish you could quickly generate social media content that will extend your reach and increase your participation rates? Precision Cloud™ can help, especially if you want to use video to tell your story. Let us show you how we can quickly generate videos that complement your digital marketing strategy. 

What We Do

Precision Cloud is now providing digital marketing services -- we make video to extend the reach of your social media presence. Simply request a video for your upcoming press release and we'll provide you with a video that reinforces the main message of the press release. It's a great way to get the word out to your community without taking very much of their time. 

Our Customers

Our customers range from national non-profits to local nonprofits run by volunteers. Our customers in the nonprofit and higher education communities want to focus on outcomes without spending too much time producing accompanying videos. 

Our Guarantee

We provide two video alternatives in the first video and text design review, followed by a second text design review, followed by final review and acceptance. If you are not satisfied with this process, simply let us know and we'll see how we can improve it to serve your needs better. We guarantee 36hr turnarounds for nonprofits and 24hr turnarounds for businesses. See how quickly you can get started on video by contacting us today.

Fast & Knowledgeable, at a Low Rate

As a nonprofit, you are faced with how to do more with less, faster, and at a lower overall cost. In addition, you need to make the case that the work you do makes a significant and measurable impact in your community - and any claims you make need to be substantiated with reliable data. How do you do all of this?

Precision Cloud™ can help. We provide a choice of low-cost video platforms, each tailored to support your desired outcomes. 

Subscription Pricing for Nonprofits

Payment Options

36hr turnaround guarantee.

Subscription Pricing for Businesses 

Payment Options

24hr turnaround guarantee.

Pricing for all other services is billed at $85/hr., 2 hour minimum